Friday, December 18, 2009

You Go D2

For some reason on Wednesday, I decided I am going to work on D2's Potty Training, he had been wearing undies, now and then but always had accidents, and didn't seem seroius about it, well he did pretty good yesterday and actually got a sticker after I took the picture, he stayed dry all day, even his pull up after his nap was dry !! YEAH!!!
Here his is my big boy!! The one who has so much to say and provides lots of entertainment to me!! Some day I will need to do a whole post on all the funny things he says!!

Now, I need to get more cleaning( well at least vacum their rooms) done before the boys go in for their naps, and I think it's time to remind D2 about going potty,

Ta Ta for now, see what today brings!!


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