Thursday, April 29, 2010


It's our secret Passcode:

ME: And who taught you how to wink?
D2: My friend Betty ( His Imaginary friend and He's a boy Betty not a girl Betty)

Having fun with my 3 year old this morning!!
Now I should get back to packing!! Hopefully moving in One Week!!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Christ the Lord is Risen!! Hallelujah!!!
I hope you all had an awesome day, and weekend for that matter.
On Friday we had a meaningful Communion service at Church, after our Small group went out for Lunch to Cora's a tasty breakfast spot!! My Crepe-omlette was VERY tasty!! And since I am not very good at this blogging thing, I forgot my camera, but the presentation of our food was spectacular!! It's worth going back just for the pictures =)
Saturday I went to the gym, and than met my husband and went to buy lighting for our new house!! We got everything!! Yeah what an accomplishment!!
And today Easter Sunday we had a great service this morning, in Sunday school we just finished the Video series by Chip Ingram, The miracle of Life Change  What a fantastic study!! I now want to go back over my work book and reread everything to try and absorb it all!! If you ever get a chance to read the study or be a part of the series DO IT!!!
After Church we came home for lunch of  BBQed Steak, baked potatoes, and beans and carrots,  my aren't we traditional??HA. It was very tasty!! We had some running around to do, so FINALLY at 5pm we had time for our Easter Egg Hunt, The first rule was they have to get their picture taken!!
Princess S


Well, D3 Didn't co-operate so We took one of him after . . .

and Mr.B He enjoyed th candy as much as the kids
D2 Showing us his character again!!

Oh yes, the sugar high, joys of Easter!!
Well hoping you and yours had an awesome Easter, and now it's off to put the kids to bed!!  and possibly I'll go to bed early too!! I'm feeling a little sleepy myself!! Oh wait I need to Study for our Ladies Bible study, It's my turn to lead out, AAch That's on Tuesday morning and the children don't have school tomorrow, and I want to start on Clean Mama's Cleaning Schedule See If I can get my house whipped into shape this week!!!

Till next time ,