Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Who Am I Kidding Anyway??

Wow, What a day. . . what is wrong with my kids??

honestly you would think with Christmas coming up and all they would be on the best of spirits and behavior, well, around here not so much. This morning S and D1 didn't want to go to school, S got over it but D1 was crying and fussing till he was out the door, he said he was fine on the bus, but S cried on the bus.

Tonight she had skating and she started crying because her throat hurt, well not really, she was nervous, that people would laugh at her, It's beginning to drive me nuts!! She used to not be like this and now all of a sudden everything is a big deal, I try to be patient with her, I try the stern, iron hand mode, but, nothing seems to ease it.

We didn't go to skating, the boys were cranky and she didn't want to go, so I said if she wants to stay home, she can get in her pajama's and go to her room till bedtime, NO TV, and that's what she chose, so early to bed for her, and hopefully a better day tomorrow!!

Thankfully I was able to get my running around done with only the 2 youngest boys, I had 5 stops to It was enough in and out of car seats for them.

Since supper they have been at each others necks all the time, there is usually at least one crying I am ready to quit!! Right now It would feel good to walk away, before I loose my mind completely. Mr B has been working long hours, so it feels like I am a single parent right now, If I would have known it would be like this I may not have signed up!!

D1 is pround of his gingerbread house he made at school

Anyway enough Hum Drum just 10 more days till Christmas, Where is the enthusiasm?? I hope to be feeling it soon!!

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