Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh wow, I hardly know where to start, my head is so full I just need to let it all out, so, If I don't make any sense well I guess at least I feel better.
I have really been reflecting on how fast my life as I now know it, is changing, this summer has been so busy  I can't believe it is almost time for school to begin again. Typically we will do one week long vacation each year at a cottage, and that is it. However, this year, we were invited to a wedding in Alberta, so my hubby and I flew out for 6 days and enjoyed a mini Vacation, it was the longest stretch of time we have been away from our children as well as our first getaway since our Honeymoon 9 years ago. We arrived home on a Monday and 4 days later we, with our kids, drove to Pennsylvania for the weekend, for a Church reunion. It was a lot of fun and the children really enjoyed it, that was the longest drive we have ever taken them on, beside in the truck. We were home for 10 days after which we again packed up to go to the cottage for a week. PHEW! and now thankfully we will be home just under 2 months before my hubby and I head out to Iowa for another wedding, of a friend who was in our bridal party.
I love to travel and so to me this was exciting and fun, but on the other hand, I have just felt overwhelmed at all that has been going on, I have not had time to enjoy the summer at home.
Some of the reminders that my family is growing up are this, my baby will be turning 3 in November, and is now potty trained so after almost 8 years I am no longer buying diapers!!
My oldest turned 8 and she is going into 3rd Grade, and for her birthday she wanted to open a bank account, she is learning the value of money and hopefully we can teach her good stewardship.
D1 the oldest son is gong into 1st grade so we now will have 2 in school full time, that too is another big step. I am hoping he will be able to adjust, school is not his first love and I am really hoping it will go well for him. He is 6 and probably the one who tries my patience the most,
D2 is starting JK this fall and really looking forward to it, His birthday is in January so he is on the older side of the class. He talks a lot. . .  and doesn't pronounce all his letters correctly, so I'm hoping that won't be too much of a difficulty in school.
That leaves me with my baby D3 at home alone every other day. I really hope he doesn't get too bored. I am hoping to go to the gym regularly again so he will have interaction with other kids.
Goals & Dreams
SO where does this leave me?? I will have more freedom than I have had in a very long time(every other day that is), everyone asks me what I will do with all my spare time, well a mothers work is never done is it?? I have high hopes of catching up on things that have been neglected far too long.
* House cleaning
* Organizing closets and my office
* Book work
* Online courses (I would like to update my book keeping skills for 2 reasons, we are the Treasurers for our   church and also my husband runs a business with his brothers and Father)
* Loose weight 50 lbs is my dream, go to the gym regularly
* Touch up painting all the scuffs in our "new" walls
* Sewing extra stock of veils, and try to make a skirt out of a pair of pants
* Scrap book, I barely touched it last winter.
I am also in charge of getting our Ladies Bible study up and running and we are also talking about doing a monthly Moms Coffee hour, which I was asked about helping get started. Hmm how in the world am I going to have free time??
I Love to be organized and scheduled and sometimes I take so much time getting my lists and stuff done I loose out on time doing the actual work, but there is nothing like a nicely typed out list :)
This morning I read Proverbs 31 in my devotions . . . I have a long way to go, but I hope I can continue to grow in Wisdom, and not get so easily over whelmed, I hope to get more energy, by loosing these extra 50 lbs and really work on being a better Mom. I have been watching the series " Shepherding a Child's Heart" while I fold Laundry, in hopes of gaining new insights in parenting, discipline and leading these precious children I have been blessed with, to the Lord.
For our ladies Bible study we are planning to study the book " Love & Respect"
So I am also looking forward to learning many new things through that study as well.

In conclusion
As I go through these last couple of days before school and work on getting a schedule for the school year set up I hope and pray I can get myself motivated to begin good habits and when I reflect at the end of the school year I can see growth in myself as well as my children. I know I will struggle and bump along, life wouldn't be normal with out those bumps but my desire is growth!!
Now off to feed the kids some lunch, make my weekly menu plan and To Do List and we'll see what else . . . oh yeah there is a milk mess in the fridge that needs some attention.

Till next time, whenever that may be :0)