Thursday, January 28, 2010

Menu Planning

This week I didn't get a menu planned, and now I remember why I do, our meals have been terrible!! I feel so disorganized this week it's driving me crazy!! I should run out and grab some groceries, today sometime yet!! Not sure when that's gonna happen, the weather isn't very nice, It doesn't look to bad now, but I'm afraid when I get out there, it will pick up again!! So we will see what happens.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

SO I decided to join in on Menu plan Monday, I often do my planning on Wednesday and get my groceries Thursday, but I decided to plan them today and join in the pantry/freezer challenge, because that is what I want to do empty out my freezer so we have less to move. So here goes

Monday : Baked potatoes with topping (I had to make it for a family thing on Saturday and have leftovers)
Green Bean Bundles
Slow Cooker Stewing beef with Onion Soup

Tuesday: Ham - I'll probably do it in the slow cooker with pinapple tidbits
Shredded Potato Casserole

Wednesday: Beef Enchiladas / Salad

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday:Creamed Chicken over biscuits (Taste of Home)
Fluffy Biscuits (TOH)

Saturday: Don't plan food for then

Sunday: I hope to plan a birthday party for D2 in the afternoon, so i May need some groceries for that possibly do Stromboli and Veggies and Birthday cake still need to decide about that!!

the links are now working!! and I have to commentand say we LOVED the green bean bundles I will definately be making them again!! I used 2 cans of the french cut beans and I will use at least 3 next time, I also only use 2/3 cup brown sugar and some worchestershire sauce with the butter!! My kids loved them too I had to save some to put in their Thermos for lunch today =)


Friday, January 15, 2010

Show us your Life

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's <span class=Korner" src="">

Well, I'm not a professional at this weight loss thing... I am struggling right along with every one else, after having four children, and gaining extra weight with each one I am now at the point in my life where it is time to drop it again!! Especially with a family wedding coming up !!
Between my third and fourth child I had lost almost 40 pounds and was feeling good, so I hope I can do that again!! I was on Herbal Magic that time and had to quit when I got pregnant, we are now building a house and so because of the cost of it I cannot go back on it.
But from what I have learned, the most effective way of burning your fat is by exercising, the more muscle you build the more it burns the fat for you!! Awesome as long as you can stay motivated to get started!!
One of my favorite workouts is ZUMBA !! honestly you have to try it!! I take a class at the gym and I also have the DVD go to and check it out!! the motto is Ditch the Work out and join the party!! and that's exactly what you do!!
Eating healthy is also very important, and that is where i have the problem I am a huge sucker for chocolate!! and adding butter to my veggies for extra flavour etc. Less salt is also a good thing, yeah these are the hard parts for me - - - Zumba is fun, eating healthy um not so much!! Oh well hopefully by July I will have a success story post!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This just warms my heart!! You gotta love the little tongue!!

Mama B

Monday, January 4, 2010

I am no longer MIA

Man I never thought I'd go this long without posting, I was going to try and post every day, every other at the least, how terrible is that anyway?? OK well, I'm back and still no Christmas photo's I need to edit them-- mainly red eyes, my children are so bad for that!! I even have red eye reduction on!! SO yeah they are still coming. I do have these from the Christmas party at the Gym - Kidz Klub

The whole group - D3 is on the right hand side he's wearing a yellow shirt (being held) He wouldn't pose for a picture with Santa

D2 he wanted to have a picture taken he just wouldn't smile or talk to him LOL

D1- sat on his lap and wanted his picture taken but only had a fake smile for the photographer

Princess S - a half smile- not too bad
So what did I do today?? WELL, I started the long torturous task of house cleaning/purging/packing!! I am excited and scared all at the same time. The first room on the agenda was the boys room, last night Mr. B came up with this great idea, that we could move S's bed into the boys room, and her room/ my sewing, scrap booking room could turn into the packed box room, Fabulous Idea I think, we have a sun porch but it is not tight so the boxes that were in there were getting snowed on if the winds blew in the right direction!!
The other reason it's a fabulous idea, well the room was getting cluttered and very disorganized and starting to drive me crazy!! SO, we got the room cleaned, and the bed moved up and now I can tackle my sewing room, and start packing boxes and moving them into there!! Hopefully by the last weekend in May or June 1 we will move into our new house, I am starting to get excited about that!! and some day I will post pictures of the process too!!
Till next time,
Mama B