Monday, December 7, 2009

First Post

SO. . I decided to try this out. . . hope I can do better than Xanga. I am by no means a writer, but I'm hoping to post some of my thoughts on life, family and such and hopefully as I look back I can see growth in my life and remember somethings that I would other wise forget.
For one thing I would like to forget is this teething stage!! D3 is So cranky right now, I will be glad when it is over, I shouldn't be sitting here typing, but he's really not happy any where right now so I will plod on for a little more, It's time to get my kids ready for bed. It seems such a shame to put them to bed before they see their Daddy, but hopefully he will be in soon!!

Well, The kids are in bed hopefully sleeping soon!!

This is us!!

A little about our family, Mr.B and I have been married for 7 1/2 years. Mr.B runs a livestock trucking company with His father and brothers. Mr.B does most of the dispatching and such, so he is oncall 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. I've tried answering his phone with a "pre-recorded " message stating his new office hours 9-5 (LOL) but I get laughed at, no one believes me. Sigh.
I am currently a stay-at-home Mom, I do a bit of sewing on the side - veilings - and also do the Quarterly fuel taxes for the business. I enjoy scrapbooking and like to do that in my spare time, but, what is spare time anyway, we are in the midst of building a house so after Christmas I may start thinking about packing, and well I am a Mom what better describes what I do all day??
We have 4 children,

S is our only daughter, and the oldest she is 6 yrs old, and most definately a girly, girl!! We need the pink in our house to try to keep it in balance. She is in grade one.

D1 is next he is 4 yrs old, and he is our thinker, he likes to figure everything out, he is a bundle of energy and just watching wears me out somedays; however, he is in JK and really is learning to channel his energy into learning and that has been exciting for me to watch him mature.

D2 is our third born, he is 2 yrs old, well, almost 3, it is hard to "label" him, I call him my strange one, he is very territorial, if you know what I mean, everything has to be "just so" and has frequent meltdowns when things don't go his way, on the other hand he is our clown and can produce lots of laughs for the family, he talks all the time, and gives me the minute by minute play by play of what he is doing.

D3 is our baby, well not so much anymore, he turned one 2 weeks ago, and is really thinking about walking, he is BUSY, always crawling and getting into everything!! He rarely plays with toys, but gets into 'stuff ' constantly!! Let's see, the toilet, my cupboards, the dishwasher, as soon as the fridge is open he's right there seeing what he can find. I am really trying to get him to walk, it will slow him down for a little while, he's already a climber so that won't really make a difference. I could hire some one full time to follow him and replace what he's messed, and keep him out of trouble!!

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