Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just an Ordinary Day at our house . . .

I used to always pride myself as being an SUPER organized person, and I like my house neat and tidy and keep it that way, Monday and Friday are laundry day, and Thursday or Friday cleaning day, every week. I like to get Groceries Thursday mornings, so I would plan my menu a week in advance, ( i know some people do it longer, but I like to keep it Fresh) ok weird I know, and then I have all the ingredients for what I want and don't have to run for one or two ingredients at 5 when I decide what's for supper at 6:30. It makes our meals healthier too. Maybe it's because last Thursday I was out Christmas shopping with a friend, and didn't get my groceries until Tuesday of this week, that I let every thing go to the dogs this week.
So anyway, As a mom of 4 I am really having a hard time keeping up on the cleaning end of things, well, D3 is scared of the vacum for one thing, how fun is it to vacum when he's screaming at the top of his lungs for the entire time?? Well these last couple of weeks have been kind of busy and when I do have time to clean I just want to sit and relax for a bit, besides if the boys are all sleeping I can't vacum anyway.

It had gotten really bad, like almost to the point of going crazy, and I have picture to prove it, because my sister in law made fun of me, she seriously doesn't believe me it was this bad. My children are really -draggy- right now, (is that a word??) they take stuff and carry it around here there and everywhere, it drives me crazy, honestly, argh, so I'm not sure what they where doing here in the nursery, but the had a couple piles of dirty laundry and whatnot, they were pretending to paint the house, I have been finding paint brushes and rollers in numerous rooms, they must have found them in the laundry room.
So what I did today?? well, here is the before pictures:
And here is the after pictures: Yes the Drawers on the rubbermaid cart thingy were labelled, until the children peeled them off, I know -OVER organized- I didn't get the blankets folded, honestly I didn't notice them until I looked at the pictures! HA I still need to vacum but that can happen tomorrow at least the toys, cloths and whatever else are put were they belong,

Ahh. . . I'm feeling better already!!
Well, that's not all, The dining room was also a major eyesore, besides the paint, I mean, HA we honestly didn't do any decorating in most of the rooms because we were only planning on living here temporarily before we bought a house, Well. . . it will be 8 years and 1-2 months by the time we move into our new house,
Anyway, about the dining room, yes that is laundry from Monday sitting on the table and in baskets unfolded, crafts and stuff on the table chairs in the middle of no where, honestly you would think if I have to keep looking at it I would get it folded and cleaned up in a jiff, but no not this week!!

And the after shot, definately better then before, my old diaper bag is still sitting on the couch, still trying to decide what to do with it, wash it and take it to a consignment shop OR throw it out, it's still in perfect condition, just was ready for a smaller bag that I could keep closed better. So what do you say?? notice a difference? I can feel the difference and it makes me happy.
I hope it makes you feel better too, knowing that someone else has a messy house somedays,( You do don't you?)
I did get the Master bedroom started, and picked up the dirty laundry in the boys room but I don't have picture proof that they are actually clean again, because they aren't!!
Here are the before pictures:
The boys bedroom - and again please don't look at the decor - I know it's bad!! We did change the rug in here, it was a gold shag rug before and that was too ugly for Mr.B
The Master Bedroom, they even have toys in here they are not supposed to play in here, my bed is not made and under the bed I found quite a stash of toys, awful makes me cranky just thinking about it!!
So yeah there you have it the truth about how my house can get some weeks!!
And now I shall head off to my wark cozy bed, You did notice my warm fuzzy blankets, didn't you??
Till Next Time,

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