Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The babe is walking and my supper sucked . . .

Anything else you want to know ? HA

Ok so this is the second time I am typing out this post, that's just how my day has been.

First of all I think I can officially say that D3 is walking!! He use to walk till he fell and then crawl from there, but , today when he fell, he got up and tried waking again!! So yeah I am very excited about that. I got a little clip of him on the camera, but it was hard because as soon as he saw me with the camera he comes and says 'cheese, cheese'

Here he is "cheesing" at me; LOL

So anyway about supper. . .

I like to plan my meals 1 week in advance so that when I get groceries I have all the ingredients I need for the week, efficient right?? Well, this week I decided to make Enchiladas, now I got the recipe from a friend a couple weeks ago, she made me these awesome beef enchiladas, and so I decided I would try my hand at them. I have been looking forward to them all week!! well actually a couple of weeks, I was even going to post a pictorial tour to show you how it's done. You will get the tutorial and I will insert my comments of the mistakes I made.

Since I've had beef a couple times this week I thought I would try to make them with Chicken instead , ---first mistake--- I think the sauce tasted so much better with beef.

Anyway here are the ingredients, Cheese, tortilla, Enchilada sauce -original-, and oil to fry the tortillas. Easy, peasy so far!!

I decided to grill my chicken with my George Foreman grill - you know healthy-

Looks good so far

Then I shredded it up

Get your daughter to Shred the cheese, and if you don't have a daughter who can do it , well, do it yourself!!

Fry the tortillas in oil, I use olive oil, once again trying to be a bit healthy ;)

Then you dip the tortilla in the enchilada sauce, place chicken and cheese down the centre fold in both sides and place in a 9 x 13 pan. ( Sorry no pics of that my fingers were too messy)

Cover with remaining sauce --second mistake--- I had way too much sauce, should have only used half of the tin, my friend used one tin for two smaller pans. Sprinkle with cheese and bake at 350 till heated through and cheese is melted .

So yeah, maybe better luck next time, S so kindly told me, I don't think I will want leftovers in my lunch tomorrow Mom =) Yeah I know, she choked down more than the boys, oh and Mr.B, Well, he was working just got(well,blew in is more like it) in around 10:00 pm; so if he eats anything it will be cereal not what I made anymore tonight. Anyway enough about my flop the bottom line is I hope your supper was better than mine.

Today we got our first snow storm of the season, the roads were a mess this morning, by afternoon things cleared up and it was looking nice out there, well tonight the wind has picked up, and the temperature has dropped, it sounds wild out there, if it starts snowing like predicted It will be a blizzard out there. Mr.B said they have a busy day tomorrow some will be starting at 2 am, thankfully I will be tucked in my bed, however, I was planning on going Christmas shopping with my friend!! See what tomorrow brings, until then, Ta Ta for now!!

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