Saturday, March 27, 2010

Show us your Life - Cleaning Tips

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Well my cleaning has changed in the past couple of months, I am pretty much going chemical free, the toilets are the only place I use any Chemicals, and that is because I have 4 young children I am working on getting them to make sure they wipe their drips, but, sometimes they forget!!

I use a microfiber cloth and water for all else, I am not stuck on any one certain brand, I use Norwex Enviro cloths which are great!!  IF you use only water you are not leaving a residue behind, which in turn actually attracts the dust to it(the residue from cleaning products), so that is one of the major selling factors for Norwex, I am not a consultant but maybe I should be, HA, I do love to give a mock demo to anyone who will listen. I can hook you up to a couple of different demonstrators if you want the whole shpeel.

The other company I use products from is liveEuroclean, I have 2 of there microfiber clothes and the microfiber mop  The handle is extendable and it is so easy to use, I bought the deluxe mop set and have had it for several years and have yet to get anything replaced, it came with 2 mop pads and 2 cloths, and I use them all the time, I have use different ones for different tasks e.g. dusting, counters, etc I don't use mine on my toilet although they(Norwex) would claim you can because it will eat up the bacteria in them.
Those are just two of the brands I use which I really love both, one side note though if you start using just water and a micro fiber cloth on you windows and mirrors it may take a couple of washes to get a streak free shine. . . until you get all the residue buildup off from your cleaning products. . . after that is all of you should never have problem with streakiness and you can sometimes just buff the dirt off with a dry cloth for a quick touchup.
When you have your house cleaned several times with just the water and get rid of most of the residue, cleanup is a breeze!! The reason I love the mop is it isno more than an inch thick and has a slanted edge so you can reach under the stove and fridge edges and into corners better, which didn't work with my Bee mop I used, also, my floor is dry in 5 minutes, I can immediately walk on it after, because you don't slop a lot of water around, you really need to check out the website the have lots of video clips to watch if I haven't convinced you. Also since the mop is so light weight you can do quick touch ups very easily, and I use the mop dry, to dust down my walls or do hardwood or laminate floors.
After you are finished all you need to do is rinse out the cloths and mop pads and let them dry and they are ready to go when the next disaster strikes, or you are ready to clean again. Whenever I  think they need a good washing I make a load of laundry of my microfiber cloths, etc, (they only thing is DON'T use fabric softener on them or put a dryer sheet in with them)
SO that is a quick run down of what I use for fast and easy, and chemical free cleaning!! Hmm I really should be getting commission on this =)
I like to do my laundry, Mondays, and Fridays, Mondays are smaller loads but a lot of our better clothes and Fridays, well I like to go into a weekend with clean clothes.
I often do my cleaning all on fridays, but after reading several other Blogs I am thinking about going into making my self a schedule, I am very much a list maker and so I love to srtoke stuff off and have a guidline to follow, typed out of course.
For some reason since D3 was born I had been feeling overwhelmed with all my housework, but since he has turned one I still feel busy just not as stressed out about it, and so hopefully it goes up from here once I have my schedule typed out !!!
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  1. Hi Cindy - I LOVE microfiber cloths too! I'm talking about them on Monday in my post all about how I clean bathrooms (fun, I know) :) Blessings to you and your adorable family!

  2. I LOVE microfiber cloths! I just read on another blog that you can attach them to the swiffer sweeper and run them across your hardwood floors and wa la....

    I am with you on trying to not use many chemicals....with a 3 year old and my illness I try to stay away from harsh chemicals

    Your blog is super cute....You have a precious family
    Have a great weekend
    Summer :0)

  3. I also love microfiber cloths!!! I also use chemical free cleaners! I am your newest follower! Please check out my tips at
    Bonnie :)