Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life is a Journey . . . as if you didn't know that!

Well. . . I hope you will bear with me as I struggle along in this post, I haven't taken the time to write a personal post in a long time, and for some reason I was really drawn to writing I don't know why if it is for someone else since I don't have much readership . . . is that a word??? or maybe for my own sake I needed to write and haven't realized it yet. So anyway here we go,  It all started as I think about Easter coming up!! A year ago, we were seeking God's will about what we should do about buying a house we knew that our days are getting numbered in the house we are at . . . My Father in law owns a business, and the house is also a part of the property . . .  Anyway, my Brother in law Kerwyn has been dating for almost a year and we knew that they were heading in the direction of Marriage sometime so we wanted to be prepared and not have to rush into something that we would regret later. I can't remember the exact dates, but sometime around Easter we came across a house in the town very near to where we live and of course checked it out online looked at pictures, and  finally called the Real Estate to book a viewing.
Enter Josh Friend, as we went through the house with Josh and talked we soon found out he was also a Christian, which definately helped us feel like we could trust him, he also told us his other job, is his ministry and it always comes first, hmm how interesting so what was it, well, he is a Bass singer for the Torchmen a country Gospel Singing group!! I actually grew up listening to their music, before Josh was a member. God showed us that he was taking care of us in all of this with someone who we felt we could trust, It took that intimidation of not knowing if we were being ripped off or if the agent was straight talking to us!!.
I think Josh took us through 4 houses over the next couple of months, and each one was nice in it's own way, but just didn't feel right, finally we inquired about a lot that was for sale, and after talking to Josh, he was probably more excited than we were, he told us" I really think this is the best option for you guys, nothing felt right until now, I really think this is what you should do!!" WOW, are we really ready to undertake such a project??
After much prayer and a lot of thinking and number crunching we decided to go for it!!
September 16, 2009 we signed the papers!! Here are a couple pictures of the property.

The property is 100 x 220 feet, with mature trees, an almost impossible find in this area, yes it did look a little like a junk yard, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and those who saw the potial and still do for that matter were thrilled with us.
They ended up taking the one scraggly tree down because of it's proximity to the fence, and the way it was leaning; that in it self leads me to another story . . . so we talked to the contracter and told him we would like that tree torn down, he in turn talked to the neighbour, who decided that he would take it down himself so that we wouldn't fell it on his house roof, well it fell over the fence into his yard, so we now have a small section of new fence and we didn't have to pay for it =)  Too bad it wasn't the back section. My husband will be bothered by the look of the mismatched plywood fence that is there, so we'll see what he comes up with to improve that eye sore.
A well was drilled by Oct 13,

The septic system was put in by Oct 22, 2009


I am going to stop here for now with the house building project, I can hardly keep my eyes open any more, I have to say that this past year I have also had an emotional journey, I have faced struggles that I never dreamt as a Christian, a wife, and a mother I would ever have to struggle with, Issues so deep and still fresh I can't even share yet, and I am thankful God is a loving and forgiving God and wonder where He is taking me next, Thankfully my journey is not over and maybe this house building project is how He is showing me, he builds my "house" for Himself first I sold my heart to Him, well I actually 'gave' it to Him  and than trade by trade he dug out, poured His foundation and started building me 'custom' . . . how he wants my to be!! And that my friends is exciting and scary all at the same time, somedays, I want to stay in the foundation stage no framing or anything on top but, how can I become a house if I am only a foundation?? I need to continue to let Him grow me. and so, I allow Him to start building, sigh, It hurts but thankfully I am begining to take shape.

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