Friday, January 15, 2010

Show us your Life

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Well, I'm not a professional at this weight loss thing... I am struggling right along with every one else, after having four children, and gaining extra weight with each one I am now at the point in my life where it is time to drop it again!! Especially with a family wedding coming up !!
Between my third and fourth child I had lost almost 40 pounds and was feeling good, so I hope I can do that again!! I was on Herbal Magic that time and had to quit when I got pregnant, we are now building a house and so because of the cost of it I cannot go back on it.
But from what I have learned, the most effective way of burning your fat is by exercising, the more muscle you build the more it burns the fat for you!! Awesome as long as you can stay motivated to get started!!
One of my favorite workouts is ZUMBA !! honestly you have to try it!! I take a class at the gym and I also have the DVD go to and check it out!! the motto is Ditch the Work out and join the party!! and that's exactly what you do!!
Eating healthy is also very important, and that is where i have the problem I am a huge sucker for chocolate!! and adding butter to my veggies for extra flavour etc. Less salt is also a good thing, yeah these are the hard parts for me - - - Zumba is fun, eating healthy um not so much!! Oh well hopefully by July I will have a success story post!!


  1. I've heard of Zumba but never knew where or how to try it. Thanks for the link!!

  2. i've heard great things about zumba! thanks for the link - i'm gonna have to try it now:)

  3. You can watch some songs on Youtube a lot of gyms and local community centres have classes!!