Monday, January 4, 2010

I am no longer MIA

Man I never thought I'd go this long without posting, I was going to try and post every day, every other at the least, how terrible is that anyway?? OK well, I'm back and still no Christmas photo's I need to edit them-- mainly red eyes, my children are so bad for that!! I even have red eye reduction on!! SO yeah they are still coming. I do have these from the Christmas party at the Gym - Kidz Klub

The whole group - D3 is on the right hand side he's wearing a yellow shirt (being held) He wouldn't pose for a picture with Santa

D2 he wanted to have a picture taken he just wouldn't smile or talk to him LOL

D1- sat on his lap and wanted his picture taken but only had a fake smile for the photographer

Princess S - a half smile- not too bad
So what did I do today?? WELL, I started the long torturous task of house cleaning/purging/packing!! I am excited and scared all at the same time. The first room on the agenda was the boys room, last night Mr. B came up with this great idea, that we could move S's bed into the boys room, and her room/ my sewing, scrap booking room could turn into the packed box room, Fabulous Idea I think, we have a sun porch but it is not tight so the boxes that were in there were getting snowed on if the winds blew in the right direction!!
The other reason it's a fabulous idea, well the room was getting cluttered and very disorganized and starting to drive me crazy!! SO, we got the room cleaned, and the bed moved up and now I can tackle my sewing room, and start packing boxes and moving them into there!! Hopefully by the last weekend in May or June 1 we will move into our new house, I am starting to get excited about that!! and some day I will post pictures of the process too!!
Till next time,
Mama B

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